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School and Educational Experiences

Social and cultural learning in action!

Learner groups are invited to explore South African culture and social progress in a safe and fun way. Join us for a range of educational and informative experiences including township and village walking tours, social impact talks, group Djembe drumming and traditional meals.
Schools are invited to explore, learn, and participate in the vibrant day-to-day life of South Africans, through the eyes of resident tour guides and local community members. We offer schools a range of social impact experiences, designed to offer learners educational and social insight, into a range of diverse communities and cultures. Excursions are custom designed to suit educational objectives, budget and time requirements.
All tours and events are facilitated by registered local guides and community members, offering learners an authentic cultural exchange and socially significant learning opportunity.
Together with our team, schools can design their own experience by combining the options highlighted below. Visiting school groups can be divided into smaller groups and rotate between events, to ensure wide participation and opportunity to interact with guides and community members.

Explore Kayamandi with locals

Kayamandi Experience

Join us for an educational intercultural experience in Kayamandi. Groups of up to 150 learners can participate in this fun filled event.

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Walk a journey to freedom

Freedom Tours

Schools are invited to design a walking experience for learners, by selecting from our range of historical and educational walking tours.

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Educational pilgrimage

Journey of Hope and Healing

The Journey of Hope and Healing is an educational pilgrimage which aims to educate and inspire learners. Set against the backdrop of our country’s turbulent political history, this 16 km walk aspires to embrace social justice and manifest the concept in young minds.

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